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IMG_5917, 10mins, 2021, retreat (Sulaïman Majali, Camara Taylor) & Collective Text

IMG_5917 was commissioned for GIVE BIRTH TO ME TOMORROW, the 2021 edition of Glasgow’s Artists’ Moving Image Festival co-programmed by Tako Taal and Adam Benmakhlouf.

In the work, flat planes of grey, green and purple convolute an encounter with a collapsed tree on a long walk; the device weights conversation in a misremembered image.

retreat is a collaborative endeavour between Majali and Taylor that grabs, evades and inhabits slippages. Concerned with the implicit failings of research, praxis and (a lack of) practice; retreat floats amidst the outlines of absences; trace, gesture and evidence of that which has been expelled, or refuses to be held. The work also stems from frustration, fatigue and cognitive dissonances: a desire to retreat from particular ways of working, being, making publics.